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A call: Manifestation on May 12th 2002 in Berlin

May 8th 1945 - May 14th 1948
Never forget! Solidarity with Israel!

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After the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany on May 8th 1945, Jewish survivors, who had survived concentration camps, exile, resistance and illegality, began to search for a place, which could provide effective protection from anti-Semitism. In a world, which was organized in nations, where anti-Semitism continued to exist in spite of and then because of Auschwitz, it seemed obvious to found their own state for this purpose. It is true, that there was a Zionist movement before: But the foundation of the state of Israel on May 14th 1948 was a consequence from the Shoa in the first place.

54 years later, Israel is in danger, more than ever. This does not only concern Palestinian terrorism and the threats from Arabic states: Currently, the most dangerous political threat for Israel is the European Union. Under German leadership, Europe praises enemies of the Jewish state such as Hussein, Al-Assad and Arafat. Thus a European public is served, which produces more and more anti-Israeli attacks. Since the beginning of the Al-Aksa-Intifada in October 2000, a wave of anti-Semitism hits Europe and the rest of the world. Its protagonists can count on social acceptance, which reminds of the 1930ies. At the UN-conference against racism in Durban, European states allowed the meeting to become a tribunal against Israel. The anti-Israeli agitation comes along with an understanding of the most cruel implementations of Islamic fascism. Europe supports the most reactionary regimes in the Arabic region - it competes for influence with the USA; while some European states approvingly accept, that weakening the American position also means weakening Israel, Germany still thinks this is about the `past that does not want to pass' (Ernst Nolte). 57 years after May 8th 1945, there is still a type of anti-Zionism in Germany, which believes to have learned its lessons from the past and which can therefore - all the more casually - articulate the anti-Semitic resentment: `Normality' means to get rid of the imagined chains of the past. The Israeli military action after the Pesach-massacre was and is medially represented by absolutely partial pro-Palestinian statements only. This goes with an anti-Americanism eager to place at the disposal the imperative solidarity with the United States that were attacked. The Islamic massacre of 9/11 was taken as a chance to break away from the USA concerning the Middle-East-policy. The foundation of the state of Israel was a consequence of the end of National Socialism and the victory of the anti-Hitler-coalition. When German politicians keep on demanding a `removal of taboos' in the German-Israeli relationship, they want to remove this consequence: Minister of Foreign Affairs Fischer made sure that weapons were not exported to Israel anymore, when there was a situation of self-defence, and Federal Chancellor Schroeder can even imagine German soldiers in the Middle East. This is what we protest against. We want to remind of May 8th 1945 as well as May 14th 1948.

Against anti-Semitism, nationalism and anti-Americanism!

Manifestation on Sunday, May 12th 2002, 11 a.m. In front of the Foreign Office (Auswaertiges Amt), Werderscher Markt, Berlin-Mitte

Initial Signers: Thomas Ammerl, Berlin; Rainer Balcerowiak (junge Welt-Redakteur); Oliver Barth, Bremen; Ralf Baumann, Berlin; Thomas Becker, Bielefeld; Thomas Blum, Berlin; Hans Branscheidt (medico international), Frankfurt/M.; Stefan Braun, Gießen; Martin Cueppers, Berlin; Dietmar Dath, Frankfurt/M.; Tobias Ebbrecht, Berlin; Kerstin Eschrich, Berlin; Stefan Eschrich, Bamberg; Lars Fischer, London; Thorsten Fuchshuber, Stuttgart; Renate Göllner, Wien; Bianca Többe Gonçalves, München; Stephan Grigat, Wien; Alex Gruber, Vilnius; Simone Dinah Hartmann, Wien; Gunther Heiß (MOBIT Thüringen), Erfurt; David Heredia, Berlin; Jürgen Janson, Bamberg; Barbara Jasemi, Berlin; Beate Klarsfeld (FFJDF), Paris; Christine Krause, Berlin; Katja Krause, Münster; Dr. Ursula Krause-Schmitt, Frankfurt/M.; Tjark Kunstreich, Berlin; Michel Lang (Deutschland-Korrespondent Radio J, Paris), Berlin; Arno Lustiger, Frankfurt/M.; Andrei S. Markovits, Ann Arbour; Anja Mattern, Berlin; Jana Mikota, Siegen; Thomas Moser, Berlin; Marc Neumann (AStA der GSH), Siegen; Michael Nolte, Marburg; Silke Opfer, Marburg; Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken, Frankfurt/M.; Karl Pfeifer, Wien; Prof. Dina Porat (Leiterin Stephen Roth Institute), Tel Aviv; Timo Reinfrank, Berlin; Jörg Rensmann, Berlin; Magdalena Rensmann, Berlin; Susanne Rischke, Hamburg; Joachim Rohloff, Berlin; Gerhard Scheit, Wien; Beate Schmidt, Berlin; Barbara Schmidt, London; Christian Matthias Schmidt, Berlin; Tim Schröder, Kiel; Kerstin Stankewitz, Bonn; Jörg Sundermeier, Berlin; Sandra Többe, Bonn; Ludwig Trefl, Frankfurt/M.; Niels Utermöhlen, Berlin; Jörg Walter, Dortmund; Dorothee Wein, Berlin; Saskia Wenger, Marburg; Prof. Dr. Klaus Wengst, Bochum; Ilka Winkelmann, Berlin; Stefan Wirner, Berlin; Andrea Woeldike, Hamburg; Joachim Wurst (AStA der Uni), Gießen; Renate Voss, Hamburg; Deniz Yücel, Berlin

This manifestation is organised by the Berlin "Buendnis gegen IG Farben" in the context of the conference It's About Israel (May 10th/11th 2002, Humboldt-university Berlin) in cooperation with Beate Klarsfeld (FFJDF, Paris).

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